Next stop: A blog!

So, this past Tuesday was Trixie Tuesday.

It was also apparently Twilightlicious Tuesday.

Anyway, the former challenged everyone to do something new and exciting, something you’d never done before or hadn’t been able to do before or hadn’t had the courage to do before or (etc)…

Hence, this!

I’d thought about starting a blog for a while, but never did, because I was never sure if what I would have to say would really be worth putting out there.  Well, I guess that speech in the first link above worked, since I decided to just do it.   Granted, it took almost a week to actually make it happen, but that’s beside the point.  Procrastination gets a bum rap.

What will be on here?  Several different things.  Sometimes I might comment on something that’s going on in the world – political, social, or in rare cases, economic… but generally, there won’t be a LOT of that, I don’t think.  Mostly, it’ll just be thoughts that come to me, stuff I’m interested in and/or fascinated by, and some musing/panicking/ranting/etc. about progress (or lack thereof) that I’m making on my various projects.  Frequently recurring topics will likely be writing, Star Trek and other sci-fi, gaming, music or art or etc. that I find to be awesome, ponies, public transit (some on the “practical” side, i.e. improving it, some on the “fan” side, i.e. trains are really damn cool), mapping, and RPG Maker.

Or maybe one or more of those topics will dominate, or something else entirely will enter my brain and shape this blog’s nature.  Who knows!  It’s a wide open field at the moment.

More on all of that in the actual posts that will hopefully be appearing with some regularity.  For the moment, happy March 11th to anyone who happens to be reading this, and of course, happy belated Trixie Tuesday!  Go out and conquer something!

-Saito S

The Great and Powerful Trixie is pleased with having her own day!  But she resents having to share it with Twilight.

The Great and Powerful Trixie is pleased with having her own day! But she resents having to share it with Twilight.


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