Minor delay…

…due to: themes!  

There are too many!

No, seriously.  I started looking through the various themes that WordPress has available.  Even discounting premium themes, there are still a LOT of them, and the choice of which one to use is about more than just the basic layout.  Each theme has its own parameters as far as how your header text looks, how the header image integrates with the rest of the page (and how big it can be), spacing and fonts and… 

I kept flipping through different themes; several have elements that I like, but since I can’t take pieces from different themes and combine them together into UBERTHEME, I finally settled on the one which overall gives me a good, clean look with a few options.  So, for the moment anyway, I’ll probably be keeping this one.  Now to break out the jackhammers and arc welders and get this place in shape!


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