Music of the Week #1

Music!  Everybody loves music.  Each week between Friday and Monday, I will put up a new link (usually to a Youtube video) to a piece that I really like.  Just a fun little way to shout out to specific pieces that I think are particularly good, and who knows, maybe if you’re reading this, you’ll get to hear some stuff you’ve never heard!

So, we’ll start off with something very appropriate for being the “beginning”.

Track: The Prelude

From: Distant Worlds II – Music from Final Fantasy

Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu

Performed by: Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra (2010)

Twenty freakin’ years I’ve been waiting for this!  I’ve wanted to hear the full, symphonic version of this piece performed by a real orchestra since I first played Final Fantasy IV (II in the US) way back in 1991.  It took a while, but the result is spectacular.  While it is technically a departure from the original orchestral version heard in FFIV (or it’s variant heard in FFVI and VII), the addition of the choir really works.  Gives the piece even more of an ethereal quality than it already had, reinforcing that feeling one gets from listening to it that they are about to be transported to this other world.


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