Equestria Daily: Possible Disabled Pony Episode on the Way

Possible Disabled Pony Episode on the Way

This one comes from over on Meghan McCarthy’s Twitter page.  It looks like we might see an episode revolving around disability in the future.  Who will be targeted with said disabilities and what exactly it will be remains to be seen.  As far as I know, the Scootaloo not being able to fly thing was wiped out a while back (though was the original plan according to Lauren Faust), but who knows! Maybe they decided to bring it back?

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My money is on Scootaloo.  I doubt we’ll see Derpy other than as a “background pony” from here on (yes, the “controversy” around the character WAS dumb, but I don’t think the writers and producers want to poke that hornet’s nest again, and I can’t say I blame them).  And even though the current showrunners did seem to drop the idea (as the above article references), there’s no reason they couldn’t bring it back, and the fact remains that as recently as season 3, Scoots still apparently can’t fly on her own.  That option also seems more likely to me than creating an entirely new pony just for this episode.

All of that said, I hope it goes well, if they do pursue this idea (with Scootaloo or whomever).  An episode about a disabled pony could easily be very positive, tying well into the show’s overall message of acceptance and friendship and showing that a disability – while obviously not something that anyone wishes for – isn’t something that needs to prevent a person/pony from having a normal life, experiencing friendship and love, and also (perhaps most importantly), that constant pity isn’t required or wanted.  On the flipside, episodes focused around such themes can also rather easily be botched into being something offensive and hurtful.  Generally speaking, based on what the show has been like thus far, I have confidence that they’ll do it right and would applaud the effort itself, but I can’t help retaining a small amount of trepidation.

Regardless, we have a long wait till such an episode comes to fruition, since season 4 won’t air until this winter.  Unfortunately.


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