Look what I found!

Spotted a brand new AC Transit Gillig Advantage on Tuesday!  Saw it coming from over a block away as I was walking toward the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, so I had time to set up a pretty decent shot.  Snapped another one from behind it, as well.

Aside from this San Francisco sighting, they’ve been using them only on certain lines so far, according to AC’s website anyway.  None of those lines are ones I ever use except for 58L, which I don’t take often, but if I’m lucky, I’ll get a chance to ride one of these soon.  And with the arrival of the Gillig, it’s time to start saying farewell to the old NABI 416s.  They weren’t always the most comfortable ride, but they made for a decent workhorse nonetheless.

This is the first time I’ve updated my Flickr in months.  I need to stop neglecting it soon!  I’ve still got a bunch of photos from last year that haven’t been uploaded…


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