Money sucks

The short version of what happened is that I thought my rent check had cleared – it hadn’t, so all the payments toward credit cards and bills that I set up made my bank account become overdrawn.  So, I have to pay $56 in fees (it WAS $84, I did get them to knock out one of the fees).  In addition, after the account was already overdrawn, I had a credit card payment (an automatic recurring minimum payment) scheduled to go through on Monday, which would have overdrawn it MORE.  I called Chase (the card provider), and was told point blank that there was NO WAY to stop the recurring payment from going through; I could cancel the auto pay, but Monday’s payment would absolutely still happen because it was too close (I called them on Saturday night).  Fortunately, even though the payment would be processed on Monday, the money wouldn’t actually be pulled from my bank account until Tuesday or Wednesday, giving me time to make deposits to bring my account back up to not-overdrawn status.  Okay, fine.

So I dealt with the bank account (fortunately part of my tax return just came, nice timing), got it back to positive, with enough to cover that automatic payment.

Went home Monday evening, checked on everything… suddenly, that credit card has a “Minimum payment was due today, Monday the 8th, please make a payment to avoid being past due.” notice.

Called Chase again.  Was this time told that of COURSE the automatic payment didn’t go through!  You cancelled it, why would it go through?

They had actually slapped a late fee on the card (for being past due, at 10PM on the 8th… but it was already the 9th by eastern time).  They reversed that, thankfully, though I would have raised hell until it got reversed if they had not offered to do it, since they had previously flat-out stated unambiguously that the recurring minimum payment would still go through on the 8th whether I cancelled it or not.

So THAT seems to be mostly ironed out.  Which means that all I have to deal with now is the charge that was mysteriously put on my credit card by ADP (the HR benefits agency we use at my work).  We have a “commuter benefits” program, which deducts pre-tax money from your paychecks to fund commuter expenses.  I put my personal credit card on the program as a “backup funding source”; it draws from that if for some reason the paycheck deductions are insufficient to fund the order for a given month, so that the order will still be funded even if that happens.

Naturally, it charged my credit card this week… even though there absolutely WERE enough funds from the paycheck deductions.  Spent 30 minutes on the phone with them, which led to me being told that their payroll department would have to get back to me sometime within 72 hours to investigate this.  That was on Monday.  Haven’t heard back from them yet.  That’s some amazing customer service right there.

So yeah.  Shoutout to Chase and ADP for being ass.


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