Music of the Week #5

Tracks: Themes of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie

Album: Fighting is Magic OST

Artist: RainbowCrash88 (Dash and AJ), Whitetail (Pinkie)

Damn shame about the cancellation of this game due to the C&D thrown down by Hasbro.  But at least some amazing music came out of it!

While all 6 of the tracks made for the game are good, and fit the characters well, I do find I like these three better than the other three.  And if I had to pick ONE favorite… it’d have to be Dashie’s theme.  It’s just perfect, from being a badass rock theme in its own right that would feel at home in an ArcSys fighter, to being something that I think Rainbow Dash herself would listen to.

Still, the other two are quite good, as well: Applejack’s theme is weird, because I really don’t like country-flavored music (or banjo) at all, yet I like this.  Maybe it’s just because I like the character so much, I don’t know.  Either way it’s just really fun to listen to, and again, I think AJ herself would like it.

Pinkie Pie’s theme is an appropriately hyper electronic piece (and I DO like electronic stuff, so this was less of a surprise), with a break in the middle for a brass section that is slower, but still retains that feeling of irrepressible happiness that makes it perfect as a Pinkie theme (and she’d definitely like it herself!).  This track is also just really addicting. 

And honestly, the other three tracks are still good, even if they’re not as good.  Kudos to both composers for an excellent job all around!

-Saito S


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