Boston Marathon bombing

I’m not going to say too much about this; tons of things have already been said, and I’ve felt a bit lost for words over the entire thing, other than that it’s tragic, upsetting, disturbing… but everyone already knows that, of course.

I can’t imagine what that would be like, to be in a situation like that, to have to go through something like that – weather as a direct victim or a loved on of a victim or even just someone who was not near enough to be injured, but near enough to witness it… And I hope that I never DO end up knowing what any of that is like.

Thoughts and hope to everyone involved.

Lastly – and highlighting this is probably the main reason I posted this at all (after deliberating for hours about weather or not I should say anything, since I don’t have much of any significance to say on the matter) – there’s this, which just made me feel really good about my fellow human beings, in the wake of something that would easily do the exact opposite.

Hang in there, Boston, and keep helping each other.  And to everyone else in the world who isn’t a terrorist: stay safe.

-Saito S


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