Music of the Week #7

Tracks: “Metroid Legacy” and “Solitude”

From: Harmony of a Hunter – the tracks featured here are from the original HOAH album, but they also released a follow-up (“HOAH 101%”), which can be downloaded from the same page.  I haven’t heard the follow-up yet, but I will be downloading it tonight!

Composed by:  Omni-Psyence (“Metroid Legacy”) / zircon & C-GPO (“Solitude”)

Two of my favorite tracks from an excellent album.  Of course, if you are a fan of Metroid (and who WOULDN’T be?!), then you are familiar with the source music, and it’s likely you’ve heard stuff from HOAH already, too.  But even if you have never played a Metroid game in your life, these are just some really top-notch tunes.

“Metroid Legacy” remixes “Theme of Super Metroid,” and really sounds like the beginning of a huge, epic adventure.  Which is fitting, because that’s kind of what the source music was in Super Metroid.  The blend of electronic elements, strings, and that soaring choir really works.  There’s a very dark, sort of foreboding element to it as well – which, again, is really just a reflection and amplification of the source music itself.

“Solitude” remixes “Tallon Overworld” from Metroid Prime, beautifully capturing that feel of isolation, danger, and… well, solitude, that the game itself evokes.  You are ALONE, and virtually everything on this planet with you is hostile; now get to work, you have mysteries involving ancient aliens and superpowered nightmarish monsters to solve.

The sudden inclusion of strong electric guitar during the last part of the track marks a break from the mood of the original, but works very well as it injects a shot of adrenaline and determination into the whole thing, reminding you of the fact that – while Samus may always be alone – she’d never let that stop her.

I actually heard about 101% a while ago, but then completely forgot about it until I went to look up the info for this post.  So I’m going to go download that now!

-Saito S


2 thoughts on “Music of the Week #7

  1. Hey Saito! Thanks so much for your kinds words, I’m incredibly grateful that you enjoyed my track. I hope to keep on delivering the goods for quite some time 🙂

    • You’re welcome!

      I have to say, it’s pretty damn cool to have the creator of a favorite piece of music come and comment in person on my little blog. 🙂 I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your work!

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