Not dead, just busy

There hasn’t been a lot I’ve felt worth talking about lately, and there’s been a lot going on, so I’ve been taking a bit of a break for the most part from adding new posts.  Also, I’ve been spending a LOT of my free time working in CC3 on a not-crappy-looking Valocea map.

And that’s going… pretty well.  Mostly.  The Modern Political style I mentioned before is certainly very cool; the maps that result from using it really do look like real political maps.  But, at the scale I’m working with (Valocea is almost 1500 km across the main island, so a map of the whole country is pretty big), there are some problems with exporting the maps to PNG or BMP files.  Because of the size of the map, details such as symbols for cities, paths for roads, text for names of everything, etc. are pretty small; some are too small to even be legible when the whole map is fully zoomed out.  But, how far you can zoom in is of course dependent on how large the dimensions of the image are, which is a function of CC3 itself (you export your map to a PNG/BMP, and you tell it you want the image to be, say, 5000×4000, and it gets as close as it can to those dimensions based on the ratio of the map).  Additionally, some elements of the map (particularly one of the types of road/highway and some of the symbols) look really jaggy at anything but very high resolutions.

What all of the above means is that to get an image that looks good when zoomed out, but also still looks right if you zoom in to see more of the details, requires large dimensions on the export.  And there is an anti-aliasing function which can be applied to the exports as well, to cut down on the jagginess with those roads and symbols, but this adds to the required time to render an image.  With a large resolution, AA, and CC3s effects on, rendering a map of this size can literally take like 45 minutes or more.  But that’s fine.  I understand that that’s how it works.  No problem.  Not like I’m going to be exporting full res images with high AA and all the effects on every DAY.

The problem is that above a certain level, the export just fails.  The program just crashes before it finishes rendering it.  So, with that problem in place, I’d have to settle for not being able to export really high quality images of my map, and just deal with those roads and whatnot looking jaggy.  I’ve been posting in their forums (which, to their credit, usually ARE very helpful; several people who actually work for ProFantasy post there), so hopefully some light can be shed on this behavior.  Fortunately, there IS a workaround of sorts: I can export the map a piece at a time, exporting multiple rectangular sections of it rather than all at once.  Each section can be very high res with AA on, but since it’s only a portion of the map, the render is much less demanding and doesn’t fail.  Then I stitch the pieces together in Gimp.  Kind of a pain, but at least I know it DOES work for what I want to achieve.  Still, I hope the problem can be addressed anyway.

So yus.  Aside from that, I continue to work in the program on my map (a HUGE amount of time was also spent getting used to the Modern Political style, as well as re-familiarizing myself with CC3 in general, since it had been a while).  So between that and other stuff, I’m sort of still preoccupied, but I’ll put up another music of the week tomorrow, and maybe a really basic map showing what the landmasses of Valocea look like in CC3!

So, to anyone who might be reading this (haha, I made a funny), hope you have a good weekend, and I hope to be back to posting more than I have at some point in the near future.


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