Music of the Week #8

Tracks: “The Scout” and “The Cause”

From: Elemental Gearbolt Original Soundtrack

Composed by:  Kei Wakakusa

EG was a rather bizarre light-gun shooter that was released for the PlayStation in 1998 (published in the US by the defunct enthusiast-darling Working Designs).  It’s an obscure title that didn’t gain a lot of notoriety, and while it was a pretty good game as light-gunners go, the real standout was the fully orchestral score.

“The Scout” is simply amazing.  While this OST has a number of really good tracks, and I did pick two of them for MOTW, this one is just so ridiculously beautiful that I felt it deserved to be singled out.  The piece is carried by wonderfully haunting strings that give it a very strong melancholy feel – sorrowful, but with just a bit of hope coming through near the end.  Most of the music I listen to tends to be stuff that would work well with one of my own story projects; this track evokes the feel of a story that is just getting going and is still near the beginning, but something has happened to thrust the main character – unprepared – into something she is overwhelmed by, something she never wanted to know anything about, and now she has to find a way to deal with that.

Also, it’s raining.  I don’t know why, but every time I picture anything in terms of a specific scene that could accompany this music, there is rain coming down.

“The Cause” spans a wider range of moods, from mysterious to inquisitive to foreboding.  To me, this sounds like the perfect music for sort of an introduction sequence in a fantasy movie – basically, remember the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring?  Where Galadriel narrates a summary of what went down at the end of the last age and the Ring and whatnot?  That kind of thing.

Other standouts from this soundtrack include “Echoes”, “Solitude”, “Forest”, and “Dance”.

-Saito S


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