Early Valocea CC3 map!

Yeesh, I’ve been crazy busy lately.  Been tired a lot, too.  I need to get more sleep on weeknights.  X_x

Anyway.  As the title suggests, I have a little something to show off in this post.  Been working with CC3 to create a not-ugly Valocea map (as opposed to the “very ugly” maps I made in Gimp, which were only ever meant to be preliminary, an easy way to just freehand draw stuff until I had a general idea of Valocea’s landmass and region shapes that I liked.  Ultimately moving over to CC3 has been part of the plan pretty much since day 1).  So, I’ve been working on it fairly regularly over the past few weeks when I have the time, and this is what it looks like so far!

Warning- this file is huge!  The resolution is 6000x3715.

Warning- this file is huge! The resolution is 6000×3715.

You can see the effects that CC3 is able to apply to a created map.  Each region has that faded color edge, which differentiates them from one another, and the hill & mountain contours have that nice fade-out effect, too.  I tweaked the ocean contours quite a bit vs. how they come when you first use the Modern Political add-on; I REALLY like how those came out.  I need to play with the shapes of the contours themselves on this map a little more (there are a couple spots where the shapes of the darker water parts don’t make sense compared to the shapes of the landmasses), but in terms of the blending effect from one “level” of ocean to the next, I’m pretty happy with it!

And that red airplane shape south of Lennvale is an Airport symbol.  I stuck it on there just to see what the different location icons look like on the map.  I actually meant to take it off before rendering this PNG file, but whatever.  That IS roughly where the Lennvale International Airport will be, I think, so hey.

Now, this is nowhere near complete.  I still have a LOT of work to do; for one thing, I have almost nothing in the way of cities still.  Lennvale and one other are on here, cause I wanted to see how the city icons would look at this size and resolution, but I don’t even know yet where other cities are, for the most part.  And while there are some mountains, lakes, and rivers on this map, there obviously will need to be a lot more before it’s done.  Not to mention roads, railway tracks, naming the rest of the regions, naming all the rivers and mountains and islands and…

It really is a long term project!  Sometimes it’s kind of daunting when I stop and think about just how much stuff I have to come up with, but all this time I’ve spent pouring over this whole thing, trying to name regions and making maps and thinking about how the transit works and all this other junk, and I haven’t run out of steam yet.  I still have fun when working on it, I still WANT to work on it regularly, so I’m pretty optimistic that I’m not going to suddenly go AH FUCK FORGET THIS TOO MUCH WORK anytime soon.

And yes, if you’re wondering, “Graves” (the other city) has a little story behind its name, which ties into the country’s history.  I really need to flesh out and consolidate my whole History of Valocea ideas into something I can present in a post here sometime soon!

-Saito S


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