Meghan McCarthy is awesome, and: Get some perspective

“How are you?”  *cringe*

Wonderful bit of referential geekery here.  Made my night.  =)

Found the link to this in the comments section of this EQD post.  And the post makes a very, very good point.  One that I have seen repeated a few times and cannot be stressed enough.

Basically: Can we calm down a little bit here?  Please?

Full disclosure: I do not like what I have seen so far of Equestria Girls.  I think it looks trite and very much like a “standardized” bit of entertainment aimed at young/teenage girls.  Which Friendship is Magic isn’t.  Yes, it’s aimed at young girls, but the “standardized” bit is the important part.  It didn’t follow the same mold as other such shows, by being well-written, clever, often hilarious and genuinely touching… in other words, by being really good.  EQG just… doesn’t look very good.


1) I haven’t seen it.  I don’t KNOW that it won’t be good.  I certainly would never have guessed that I’d like FiM before sitting down and watching the full pilot.  Just reading about it and seeing a couple clips really didn’t do much for me.  And certainly, trailers can be deceiving; for an inverse example, witness this amazing trailer for the incredibly awful Revenge of the Fallen, which makes it look like the film will be a dark, serious, suspenseful sci-fi thriller that does not have 45 minutes of idiocy involving Sam’s parents and a bunch of toilet humor.  Of course, the actual film didn’t deliver on any of that.

2) Let’s assume for a moment that EQG sucks, and is little more than some stock standard teenage high-school drivel.  Ok, fine.  Until and unless it is confirmed that said drivel will impact the show, I really don’t care.  If season 4 of FiM comes out, has nothing to do with EQG and simply continues on from season 3, then I’m happy.  The fact that EQG was bad in this future scenario I’m presenting doesn’t affect my continued enjoyment of the show itself at all (and I LIKED season 3, so if they just keep doin’ what they’ve been doin’, it’s all good).

Yes, I have seen the rumors that Twilight will end up with a boyfriend while in the human world (or whatever the hay is actually going on in this film), and will bring him back to Equestria, and that EQG (and the boyfriend) will be absorbed into the “canon” of the show proper.  If that all came to pass, I’d be on the first train to Jumping Ship City.  I might try to still give the show a chance to be good despite that, but it’d be a tough sell, as it would represent a macro-level directional shift that I REALLY don’t like.

But let’s not forget: we don’t know that will happen.  We don’t know ANYTHING!  That scenario I outlined above with EQG heavily influencing the show may not come to pass – it might not influence the show at ALL.  And with that in mind, I’ve elected not to get a ticket on the Anti-Hype train, which if you ask me, seems to be accelerating out of control just a bit.

Because, seriously… death threats?  I know that to some degree, this is the nature of the internet, but I still find it frustrating and more than a little pathetic.  Anyone that sent anything to the show’s staff members implying that they wanted to inflict bodily harm on any of the show’s staff members needs to take a deep breath and get some damned distance.  And yes, ANYONE who sent anything of the sort, I don’t care if you “meant it as a joke” or “would never actually hurt anyone.”  It’s still screwed up.  YOU’RE screwed up.  It’s a TV show.  Get some perspective, and if you REALLY feel the need to dispel that kind of vitriol, go latch on to some kind of worthwhile human rights cause, and dispel said vitriol at people who might ACTUALLY deserve it.


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