Measuring boxes…

…is what I’ve been doing for the last several days.

Ok, I haven’t just been doing this to the exclusion of all else, but I have been working on it for… over a week now.  Basically, I want to know the area of Valocea.  And of course, the issue of measuring square miles or kilometers is that landmasses, generally speaking, aren’t square.  

So, in order to get these measurements, I covered my map with boxes.  Like so:

Measuring boxes

Then, I had to measure each and every one of those boxes.  I divided it up by region, rather than just ignoring regional borders and simply filling the landmass with boxes, because I knew I’d want square… um, mileage (except, in kilometers… there does not appear to be an equivalent word to “mileage” that means the same thing but specifically refers to metric units) for each region, as well.

Needless to say, it was quite tedious.  But!  Just last night, I finished the actual measuring of every last box.  Now, I’ve begun to multiply the length x width of the boxes, then I add up all the boxes for a given region, giving me the total area for that region.  Once that’s been done for each region, I’ll add them up and have a total area for Valocea.

I really do want to know these figures, so I’m doing this despite how incredibly tedious and irritating it is.  At least I only have to do it all once!

One REALLY nice thing that makes it much less of a pain than it could be (and makes me glad I’m working in CC3, and not Gimp or a similar program): there’s an entire step to this process that is rendered unnecessary by one of CC3’s features.  That program does not measure visual distance on your workspace in pixels or inches or what have you; distance is measured in “map units.”  So, when you first make a map, you decide how big it is – say, 2000 x 1000 (you can change this total size later, of course).  Then, it’s up to you to specify that on this particular map, the “units” are kilometers, or meters, or miles, or whatever.  You then scale everything such as symbols, roads, etc. accordingly.  So what this means is that when I use the “Distance” measuring tool within CC3, and I tell it to measure from point A to point B on my Valocea map and it gives me a result of “200”, that result ALREADY means “200 kilometers.”  No conversion required.  This is quite significant, since the number of boxes per region ranges from about 30 to over 100.  Without this feature, I’d have to convert the length and width results for every last one of them from pixels to km.  Needless to say, I’m very happy that I don’t have to do this!

-Saito S


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