No more boxes!



So, I’m FINALLY done with the area calculations.  It was a lot of really tedious work, but overall, I’d have to say it was worth the effort.  Now I have definitive figures for the total area of every region, every island, and Valocea itself.  These numbers will be vital in figuring out things like population densities, highway and railway routes (which are both partly based on population densities), etc.  Plus, it’s just something I really wanted to know, to be able to compare with actual countries.  Makes Valocea itself feel more real.

The total land area of Valocea in entirety (all islands included) is 881,601.4 square km (the total area of just contiguous mainland Valocea, no islands included, is 759,945.3 square km).  Of course, the grand total could change if I add more islands, which is not impossible going forward, but I’m not worried about that.  If I DO add more islands, it will be only a few at a time (and they won’t be big; between the largest islands to the north and west, the one in the middle of the waterway, and that one big island off the south coast, there are enough really large islands already.  Any more that I add to the visible map will be pretty small).  So I won’t have to do anywhere near the same amount of work to calculate area for any future additions.

EDIT: I missed an island!  How embarrassing.  Anyway, I went back and added it in, and adjusted the figure above; 881,601.4 km2 is the correct area total.


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