Latest Valocea map + region names!

VN2-expanded CI-3-all region names-6x4,40,FX

So, I finished up the repairs I needed to make, which turned out to be easier to do than I thought it would (the method I had been going to use originally turned out to be problematic, but I figured out a better way to do it that was much faster).  Thus, I can actually post this map, which has a lot of changes to the islands compared to previous maps.  There are more of them, especially in the southeast and northeast, and I also moved some of them around quite a bit to make their distribution look a bit better and more natural.  Changed the sizes of some of them too, for the same reason (there were too many big islands and not enough little ones).  There are 159 Valocean landmasses visible on this map, counting the mainland.  I defined 10 square kilometers as a cutoff point.  Any island that is larger than that in total area is on the map; any island that is 10 km2 or smaller isn’t visible on it.  Because A), they’d be too small to look right when the map is zoomed out, and B) there are probably TONS of islands that are 10 km2 or smaller, and I’m not detailing them all out because that would take years.  Just think of it the same way you’d think of Japan: there are actually thousands of islands in the archipelago of Japan, but nowhere near all of them show up when you look at the country in Google Maps, only those large enough to be visible.  Another change I made was the alter that big island in the middle of the central channel/inland sea, so that it reached much closer to the mainland in several spots.  Reason being that I just really like the idea of people on the coastline near the island being able to see across TO the island while watching ships go by, so the landmasses needed to be close enough to one another to allow that.

Islands aside, there’s actually much bigger Valocea news for me to share: as you can see on the map, every region is now NAMED!  Yes, it took months, but all twenty-two regions now have a definite name.  I put em all on the map, partially just sort of to celebrate in a way.  Of course, as I continue to add cities, natural features, etc (as well as names for all those things), the exact style, size, and placement of the region names you see now will doubtlessly change, but for the moment, the regions are the only things labeled on this version of the map.  The names themselves are a mix of French, English, and made-up words that are supposed to be from the fictional languages of Valocea’s native peoples.  At some point, I’ll make a post detailing out the origin of each region name.

Visually, the way this works is that all of the islands are considered to be part of one of the mainland regions (except for Shulanu Island and the Raeburn Islands, each of which are considered their own region), so every island has a region color corresponding to the main region it’s part of.  This, by the way, is why I made one other change: I switched some of the regional colors around, because in one case, two regions that were next to each other were both similar shades of green, making it impossible to tell which islands were supposed to go with which region.  On the new map, it’s pretty easy to see.  Peruse it above!

-Saito S


No more boxes! I mean it this time!

No Boxes

Yeah, so I ended up not being quite so “done” before.  The islands took a lot more work than I originally thought they would, mostly because I started changing em!  Wasn’t really happy with their distribution, so I started moving some around, resizing others, and just adding more, too.  While it did mean more work for me, I think the result is a big improvement.  There are a much greater number of really small islands now (it was kind of weird before, because there were a good number of really big islands, but few little ones, which isn’t really realistic), as well as a number of regions that didn’t have any islands attributed to them, but now have several.  Overall it just looks better and makes more sense.  But you’ll have to take my word for all that, at least for the time being; I recently discovered several errors on the map (it’s the same one I’ve posted before, made in CC3, just with alterations made).  Basically, I wasn’t paying enough attention, and several islands ended up being drawn with the wrong pen thickness in CC3.  It’s not something that will be hard to fix, exactly, but it will be tedious and kind of time-consuming.

So I’ll get to that, but I’m taking a bit of a break from going full steam on Valocea for now.  While it’s not going on “hiatus”, exactly, it’s just not going to be on the front-burner for a while.  Partly because I want to take a break from it, but partly because my projects have shifted again.  This is how I work: every now and then, like every few months or so, my mind shifts, and which of my creative projects is the most compelling, which one I have the easiest time generating ideas for, changes.  Right now, I’ve found myself drawn back into Altessa, which is the name of a big fantasy world (kind of Tolkien-esque, though only superficially; there are a lot of important ways in which it’s quite different from Middle Earth) I’ve been working on for years.  That’s at the forefront of my mind right now, so I’ll probably be working on that quite a bit for the foreseeable future, with Valocea receiving less attention.  However, partly because of its nature, Valocea never just completely goes away out of my head.  I’ll probably still be coming up with ideas and adding little things to it, but less so, and certainly I won’t have as much to say on it that’s worthy of an entire blog post as often.  That said, as soon as I fix the problems with the map, I’ll post it up.  Also, the figures I published before for the total land area of the country are no longer correct, since I’ve added more land area to the place.  When I get to fixing that map, I’ll also post some updated info.  And I might post some info on Altessa soon, too.  Cheers!

-Saito S