MLP:FIM season 4, episodes 1+2 – “Princess Twilight Sparkle” – thoughts and review

So, it was rather obvious from the title that this was going to be a Twilight-centric episode (also not surprising since it’s the season premiere). I won’t bother with an actual synopsis of the episode; there are plenty of those scattered throughout the net, so I’ll just jump straight to what I thought of it. I’d assume it goes without saying, but there will be SPOILERS aplenty for both parts!

In short: I loved it. It completely exceeded my expectations, and I can’t think of more than a couple minor flaws. Continue reading


Confused train seeks New York, finds Philly suburbs instead


I wouldn’t have thought the term “wrong turn” could ever be applied to a journey by train…but there it is.

I find the SF Gate headline hilarious. It just sounds so silly. “Whoops, we were trying to get to New York, how’d we end up here?! Dur hur!” Apparently, the train somehow ended up on the wrong track after departing Philadelphia’s 30th street station.

The best part of that article is at the end: “An Amtrak spokesman tells The Philadelphia Inquirer ( the train’s crew is being held out of work until they undergo additional training.”

“Passenger Rail 101: How to stay on the correct track” has got to feel like the equivalent of being sent back to Magic Kindergarten.

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Back from the dead (again). What three months of frustration has taught me.

So, I did reconsider this whole blog thing. I haven’t been using it, simply because I haven’t had the motivation to really write anything blog-ish in some time.

I’ve been busy with trying to keep up my motivation do to everything else. Writing has been on and off, the Valocea project has been on and off, and even things that are purely recreational, I sometimes feel like I have to force myself to do, because it feels like too much work. Which is partly why I don’t play video games nearly as much as I used to (and why I still haven’t played through a bunch of stuff that most gamers finished ages ago). That, and a lot of my gaming time kind of gave way to writing time – I still have trouble making consistent progress and finishing things, but what time I DO have I tend to try to devote to creative projects. Still, a recent swing with FFXIV has me reconsidering trying to really get back into gaming a bit. Speaking of FFXIV, I’ll probably make a post detailing all my thoughts on that game sometime soon, now that this blog is “undead”. Haha. Saying it’s undead while talking about FF? Ha?

Anyway. What the last couple months of mostly inactivity punctuated by occasional bursts  of creativity – which are great until they inevitably lead me back into feeling like “man there is just way too much stuff I want to DO and not enough time to do it all” when they end – have taught me, strangely enough, is: you cannot expect ANYTHING to happen unless you take the time and make it happen. Continue reading