Quest over!(?)

For now at least. Decided that it was time to just PICK a laptop and be done with it. I can do as much research as I want, but I won’t really know if I can be satisfied with either the Acer S7, or with Windows 8, until I get my hands on em. So, I pulled the trigger.

Despite missing a sale that would have saved me $100 (grumble), I decided to go with the higher-end version of the Acer Aspire S7, with an i7 CPU and 256, rather than 128, GB of SSD storage. The latter is really what swayed me; having a slightly better processor is certainly not a bad thing, but in this case, the difference isn’t hugely significant. But having over 100 GB of additional storage is. And the total cost after taxes between the two models is about $240, which isn’t going to break the bank when considering the fact that I was pretty much resigned to spending 1200-1300, at minimum, no matter what I went with.

So yus! It is on its way, and should be here Monday. I’m actually pretty excited!

-Saito S


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