MLP:FIM season 4, episode 12 – “Pinkie Pride” – thoughts and review


This was certainly… a thing that happened.

Cheese Sandwich (no, seriously, Cheese Sandwich) was notable in large part for being voiced by “Weird Al” Yankovic. And while I found the character funny at times, it didn’t all work for me. The wackiness during the first half of the episode went a bit off the deep-end a few times. Some of the antics might simply have been lost on me – I’m someone who has generally found Weird Al decently funny but was never a huge fan; I don’t know how big a role that played, i.e. if a lot of the humor was very signature Weird Al stuff, or if it had little to do with him specifically and was just about the particular brand of wacky humor they chose for this ep simply not working for me. Either way, it didn’t – not entirely, anyway. There were times where it just felt like a bit TOO much. Not in the usual “Pinkie Pie you are so random!” way, but in more of a pure “uh… ok  O_o” kind of way. A great example of this: were the momentary live-action shots of Gummy and Boneless a reference to something specific? If so, then I have no idea what it was. If not, then… what. That didn’t make me laugh, it just made me raise one eyebrow and stare at my screen in bewilderment. Continue reading


MLP:FIM season 4, episode 11 – “Three’s a Crowd” – thoughts and review

This was another one of those episodes where I went in totally blind. I had no idea what this would be about until I saw it, so I was surprised (but certainly not disappointed) to see Discord making another appearance. I figured we wouldn’t be seeing him again for a while!

"Au contraire, Mon Capitan! Heeee's baaaaack!"

“Au contraire, Mon Capitan! Heeee’s baaaaack!”

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MLP:FIM season 4, episode 10 – “Rainbow Falls” – thoughts and review


At first, I wasn’t sure if this episode would even have anything to DO with Rainbow Dash. Sure, with the word “Rainbow” in the title, one assumes, but then I thought, well, “Rainbow Falls” sounds like a place. So who knows! Maybe it’s about the place and not her. Turned out it was both.

Right off the bat, we have the return of Snowflake.

"Louder." "yeah!" "Louder!" "Yeah!!" "LOUDERRR!" "YEEEEEEAAAAH!" ... "too loud?"


“too loud?”

I know, I know… he’s officially been given a name now, and that wasn’t it. Bulk Biceps isn’t a bad name, really, but I have to say, I think Snowflake is better. So I’m gonna keep calling him that, at least for the length of this review. It’s not like you can stop me anyway!

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New stuff will be posted!

Seriously! Things have been kind of crazy lately, both with work and also other things I’ve had to deal with, and of course I had already fallen behind on the pony reviews, which I still hope to rectify, possibly by this coming week. On top of that, any time I spent trying to work on projects only led to frustration as I found I’d run up against a bad case of writer’s block – or, in this case, more like “creative block”, since doing anything creative at all, including writing blog posts or even working in CC3, felt like a struggle. Usually, I try to just roll through such incidents, but in this case (probably because I was already feeling kind of frazzled anyway), it really bothered me. So that didn’t help.

In addition to all of that, some of the blame must be laid at the feet of my recent West Wing binge. I’ve been hearing for years from multiple people that it’s an amazing show, but had never seen any of it myself. Well, it’s all up on Netflix, so I gave it a shot on a whim, and haven’t been able to put it down, so to speak. I’ve been watching steadily for the last few weeks and am now a little bit into season 5. The sharp, fast-paced writing on this show is really exceptional. I can’t think of many other shows that can be this funny, this intense, and this touching, not only in the same show, but often in the same episode, and even on occasion in the same scene! It also can be quite good at keeping you on the edge of your seat, as well – that end of season 4 storyline was insane!

Anyway, I’m going to continue watching it, but at a slightly less manic pace from here on, so I’ll have a bit more time to work on other things. Part of the reason I was watching it like crazy, I think, was because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of what was happening for a while, and it provided a nice escape. Things are closer to normal now, though, so I’m hoping to devote a bit more time to this blog, as well as hopefully pushing past the creative block and getting some work done on Valocea and my writing projects, which have been sorely neglected!

Also, the blog’s theme has changed again. The one I was using (Sunspot) has a lot of neat features but also some annoyances, so I thought I’d give this “Superhero” theme a try. Gonna customize it more soon. It does have the scrolling header (it follows you as you scroll down the page), which I’m not a big fan of, but it’s super slick other than that, and I can get rid of said scrolling header if I get the custom design upgrade… we’ll see.

-Saito S

MLP:FIM season 4, episode 9 – “Pinkie Apple Pie” – thoughts and review

We start off in a very appropriate manner for what is – at least in part – a Pinkie Pie episode.



I like the premise of this one. At first, I was expecting that the Apple family to react with more discomfort to Pinkie’s antics, but the events of the episode showed much the opposite. Immediately, they were all supportive and happy about the idea of her being part of their family. But right away, we are set up for some intra-family troubles, not so much involving Pinkie, but between the mainline Apples. Continue reading