MLP:FIM season 4, episode 9 – “Pinkie Apple Pie” – thoughts and review

We start off in a very appropriate manner for what is – at least in part – a Pinkie Pie episode.



I like the premise of this one. At first, I was expecting that the Apple family to react with more discomfort to Pinkie’s antics, but the events of the episode showed much the opposite. Immediately, they were all supportive and happy about the idea of her being part of their family. But right away, we are set up for some intra-family troubles, not so much involving Pinkie, but between the mainline Apples.

Big Mac is not amused.

Big Mac is not amused.

Of course, it’s soon revealed that Pinkie’s status as a distant member of the Apple family isn’t a sure thing, which is the impetus for the trip to visit crazy old Goldie Delicious. And before long, we get the almost famous song that was previewed back in that season 4 animatic. It seemed at the time like it would be pretty damn catchy, and it didn’t disappoint. Also, this was certainly a far better Apple-themed song than the somewhat dull “Raise This Barn” from season 3.

But before long, they get into trouble, and that’s when the hilarity truly begins.

AJ is not amused.

AJ is not amused.

I absolutely loved the recurring jerkass eagle, especially during the sequence with the duck. Who then apparently effects a daring escape, before making a triumphant return right when our “heroes” take an unplanned swim. In a waterfall. Down a waterfall.

Also, this happened.



I laughed so much at this my sides hurt. This was such a great way to shout out to the adult fandom of FIM – nothing too outrageous, but at the same time, unmistakable, and completely unexpected. Also, it struck me during this episode that Michelle Creber’s voice sounds slightly different from what I remember from earlier seasons. It’s pretty subtle, and no doubt is because Michelle is getting older (she is in her early teens, after all). It’s kind of interesting, though, because as she gets older and her voice changes, so too does Applebloom’s as she gets older in-universe.

And it was fun to see the Apples beginning to get into these arguments, but then cutting themselves for the sake of Pinkie – only to have it revealed at the end that she doesn’t mind such arguments. Far from it; she views it as part of being in the family, and fittingly, joins in at the very end, just jumping into the actual argument that’s already ongoing and yelling “I’m arguing too!” Goldie Delicious was pretty amusing, and I especially loved the whole dust-statue moment. I do wonder about this. Is this a joke? If not, then sweet mother of Celestia, that man has some range!

The other interesting thing in this episode was that cave. While the scene of them actually traveling through it was just a pan across the outside of it, Pinkie’s scrapbook revealed a bit more:

They're not playing around this time!

They’re not playing around this time!

It looks like Granny may have actually been completely serious about it being the scariest cave in Equestria – we have what looks like a flying tadpole-moth with a gigantic maw, and a three-eyed, horned, armored toad. Freaky!

I have to say, I thought we were going to find out that Pinkie wasn’t related to the Apples after all. No particular reason, that’s just what my gut feeling was about how the episode would end. But as it turned out, they continued the mystery, but still gave us a heartwarming ending with the others deciding that it doesn’t matter whether or not they can be absolutely certain she’s related by blood; she’s part of the family now regardless.

Overall, a fun episode. It wasn’t complex and didn’t have any kind of big character arc or anything, but it was just funny and entertaining. “Pinkie Apple Pie” gets a 9 from me.

-Saito S


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