New music: “Dare You” (Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma)

So recently, I found this during a Youtube Walk through various electronic music tracks. And the first thing I have to say about it is sweet Luna I love this song.

(That, as the title indicates, is actually the extended version – the original is here. They’re mostly identical musically, the extended simply adds an extra section at the beginning, so either version works.)

Seriously, I freakin love it. It’s energetic, uplifting, beautiful. It’s EDM, so if you don’t like that kind of music, it might not work for you, but give it a shot anyway.

I really like the lyrics. While I’m generally a fan (if a VERY picky and particular fan) of trance, I do find that the lyrics in “vocal trance” get a little stale sometimes, because it seems like they are ALL about love, missing you, please come back to me, you’re my better half! etc etc etc. Don’t get me wrong – there are some really awesome vocal trance tracks, in terms of the quality of the singing itself and the music that accompanies it. But seriously, lyrics-wise, it seems like they are ALL about that. “Dare You”, in addition to being simply awesome as an EDM track, isn’t about that, and instead, the lyrics challenge you to do one seemingly simple – but in practice, sometimes surprisingly complicated – thing: live. I like that. (No, this song isn’t trance, but most of the lyrical EDM I’ve heard IS, so it made sense to make this comparison).

I really like a few lines in particular: “You’re an outline of a vision, that you had when we were children yesterday”. Nice way to sum up how fast life can seem to pass us by sometimes, while all these ideas we might’ve had along the way remain unrealized. “I dare you to fall, and lay on the ground” is another good one; the meaning I took away from it is basically “I dare you to completely trust someone.”

So yus! Hats off to Hardwell and Matthew Koma for a truly stellar piece of music.

-Saito S


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