Recent relative quiet

Other than the huge Valocea transit history post (split into two blog posts), I haven’t done much here (and even that post was worked on for nearly a month). And I am really far behind on the pony ep reviews (though now that the season finale has aired, all I have to do to “catch up” is finish reviewing the remaining eps of season 4 before season 5 begins, which won’t exactly be overly difficult). The reason for this is simply that there has been WAY too much going on, from serious family issues to an office move at my work. So I plan to put up more whenever I can, it’s just that with everything going on, I don’t have as much time or energy as normal, so sometimes a lot of time goes by without me working on blog posts (or stories, which I’m trying to find more time for as well) very much.

But I’m not giving up on any of it!

-Saito S


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