NaNoWriMo: Day 1

It’s actually day 2 now, but I forgot to do this yesterday, whoops. Overviews of what each story is can be found here.

So, Saturday was day 1 of Nano 2014! And I definitely got off to a good start. Right at the stroke of midnight on Friday night, I began writing, and smashed out 1,714 words by 2AM! That was pretty cool. All of those words went to Crafters; main character Lien received quite a shock, as she was told a bunch of stuff about the world she lives in that made her look at it in entirely new ways. And I actually came up with new ideas for how the main plot of this story is going to unfold as I was writing this section out.

Later in the day (after getting some sleep and taking care of other stuff I had to do), I didn’t get as much done, but I did add another 538 to Crafters, and then opened up a blank doc to begin to write more for SA. 515 words for that by the end of the night, leaving me with a grand day 1 total of 2,767! Not a bad start!

And with that, Nano 2014 is officially off and running.

-Saito S


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