NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Overviews of what each story is can be found here.

Day 4 was kind of boring, Nan0-wise. Didn’t get much done, just 474 more words on SA, all of which were added to a scene that had already been partially written (and remains unfinished). My head wasn’t in it, and I was busy with other stuff throughout most of the evening. One nice thing about being ahead of par is that I can afford to take days off like that without risking falling way behind!

I almost didn’t bother with this post, since there was so little of note and because it was after 8PM on day 5 by the time I even got to this. But then, I knew that looking back on December 1 and having twenty-nine daily Nano update posts would bug the hell out of me, so here it is!

-Saito S


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