NaNoWriMo: Day 5

I’m starting to slack off with these – day 6 is almost over and I’m just now putting this up!

Anyway, still didn’t get a lot done, but much more than day 4. My total for the day was 1,241, all of which – once again – went to SA. I’m starting to really wonder if I should change the novel info in my Nano profile to reflect this. Maybe I do have one “main project” this year after all? Well, we shall see. I’ll leave it like it is for now, because I do still plan to get some work done on other stories at some point.

The same sequence I was working on during days 3 and 4 is still going… I called it a “scene” in the day 4 post but that’s not really accurate. It’s several scenes, but all interconnected and close together in time, and all part of the same ongoing event. Not sure when I will wrap it up, really. Gonna just keep adding to it until it feels like it’s reached a natural end point.

-Saito S


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