NaNoWriMo: Day 8

Yeah another late night update! And again, it’s partly because there’s not much to say. 632 words on SA and that’s it. Haven’t gotten much yet for day 9, either, though I still have a few hours to go and am planning to try and make some kind of progress. Guess I kind of took the weekend off for the most part.

And on top of that, I did hit a bit of a wall. I had this whole sequence all centered on one of my characters getting into a car accident, and the immediate aftermath of that (in particular, how it affects the other main character, since the two of them are a couple). So I got to the end of what I’d previously had in mind for that (some of which had been in my head for years but not written down until now), and then… wait, now what?? So I’ve kind of had to stop and think about where I want to go from here.

What I might do is just jump ahead. My approach to writing is always to write what comes to me, what’s in my head. Go with what works. I write out of order, I jump between stories if something for a different one strikes me, whatever. I write what I can write. So with that in mind, I think what I will do is just start writing for other parts of the story that – like the accident aftermath – I’ve had in my head for some time now but have never tried to write. Hopefully I can use that to get back on track. Word-count wise, I’m still ahead of par for Nano (I’ve got a total of 16,820, and to be right on target at the start of Monday, which would be day 10, I’d need to have 15,003), so I’m not worried about falling way behind or anything. But I’d rather keep going, stay ahead, and really male some nice progress with these stories!

-Saito S


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