NaNoWriMo: Day 12

3,653! Now that’s progress! I did ultimately jump ahead a bit in the timeline, to a couple of months after the part I’d previously been writing. Of course, it occurs to me that it’s not as if EVERY day in these characters’ lives is going to be mapped out and written (considering that their story begins in 2008, when they meet, and I have ideas for major developments in their lives through at least the year 2016, I don’t even want to think about how many words would be required to chronicle every single day during the intervening years). So, while there are obviously gaps that need to be filled in (parts where a scene seems to just stop, usually because I ran out of steam and moved onto a different part), it’s not my intention to go back and plan or write out every day anyway. So some time skips will still be present in the final story, should it ever reach a point where I’d consider it completely “done.”

Anyway, since I’m way ahead and might be going to another write-in tomorrow night, I think I’ll just take it easy tonight. Might get some more done if I feel like it, but I may just slack off and do something else, since I can. It’s nice being 6000 words ahead of par for Nano – I’ve never done this well before!

-Saito S


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