NaNoWriMo: Day 24

Didn’t get a whole lot done on Monday night (514 words), but by this point, it’s started to become almost intentional, because I’m planning to go to the write-in (the last of November, at least in my general area) on Friday night. So, I’d rather cross the finish line there, in the company of fellow Nano’ers! I’ll work a bit between now and then, but just not enough to finish. This gives me some extra time to devote to more mapping, and some more story planning, especially for Crafters.

I’ve slowed down on that story a bit in terms of writing actual narrative. When it comes to Nano, I’m so close to reaching 50k now, I kind of feel like it doesn’t matter which story I write for – I can just add the remaining words as a few more SA scenes that have been kicking around in my head. And, the thing with Crafters is it’s becoming harder to just write new scenes for it, because I’m running up against my lack of planning, world-building, and characters.

When I originally wrote the first 50k words for this story back in November of 2012, it was… well, it was Nano. It was fast and loose and didn’t always make sense and whatever, because that’s how Nano can BE sometimes. But, I did really like the underlying premise and characters that I’d come up with, and knew I wanted to try to refine and expand upon the ideas I’d had. So, when this year’s Nano began, I just dived back in… but the thing is, I’m getting much deeper into the story now (since I started with 50k already written), and the lack of the above mentioned things is becoming a problem. Sure, I can just crank out more scenes, Nano-style, but I’ve only created like four characters (out of an extended cast that’s likely to be at least double that). How many more scenes do I want to write – even if the writing is “only the first draft” – involving only those characters? Before generating too much more actual narrative, I want to stop and do some serious refinement of concepts, world-building, and character creation. Because this story has reached the point where I feel I’m really serious about it; I want to see where I can take this, maybe even ultimately see if I could get it published at some point.

So with that in mind, what’s left of Nano in terms of word count will probably all go to SA, since most of the characters I’d want to use for any given scene in that story have long since been created, and the setting is much more well-realized (the fact that, Valocea aspect aside, it’s basically the real world, certainly makes that easier).

-Saito S


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