NaNoWriMo: Day 28 – Finito!

So! Went to write-in, wrote 878 words, which brought me to a grand total of 50,202 (though my word count is officially 50,250 according to the Nano site, a quirk of the fact that Word and the Nano word count validator process things a little bit differently). So I am DONE! Hooray!

The vast majority of the words written for Nano 2014 (42,761) went to SA. Which is a bit odd, since out of all my story ideas, that’s the one I’m least likely to ever try to publish. Yet I can’t say I regret all those words written; I have a lot of fun writing those characters, and even if I never try to clean up and publish the story itself, it’s still practice, it’s still writing exercise, it still gives me something I’ve written that I can look back on and be proud of and enjoy, and that also provides more insight into how I write, what my habits (good and bad) are, etc.

The only other story I wrote for was Crafters, which gained 7,441 words. Which isn’t a lot, especially by comparison, and I DO want to try and finish and then publish that story (hopefully will be able to get to the “finish” part, if not the “publish” part, in 2015). But, once I’d gotten way ahead word-count wise and felt like I had time to do other things more, I spent some time just thinking about Crafters. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel I can write too much more narrative anyway without first doing more world-building and (especially) character creation. So, some of my Nano time basically went to fleshing out that story and world, so that in the near future I will be able to write more. Thus, I’m still satisfied with how things went.

There are two days left of Nano, counting the 29th, so I might as well try to get a bit more writing in – why not finish with even more than I have now, right?

-Saito S


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