NaNoWriMo: Day 30 – closing thoughts

One more day to add a little bit more to the word count; 571 words added on the 30th, for a final Nano 2014 total of 51,700. Nice round number – didn’t plan that, it just happened!

This was a pretty fun Nano. Went to several write-ins (just about every one of the Tuesday in Berkeley and Friday in Emeryville ones), met some cool new people, reconnected with friends from Nanos past (shout out to all of you! Nano wouldn’t be Nano without people to write with and make stupid jokes with! XD). And, while I ended up working on SA specifically a lot more than I’d planned, I still met my goal: 50k words in existing works. Granted, it would have been nice to make more actual progress in Crafters, but I did get a lot of new ideas and notes for it. I’ll be continuing to work on it in 2015, and I’m hoping to make serious progress and maybe even finish it (or at least, finish the first novel; the story as a whole would probably take more than one). While I doubt I’ll actually try to write a full 50,000 words in a single month, I’ll probably take some specific weeks here and there and make them “writing weeks”, during which I’ll really try to put a lot of time into making progress.

As for December, I won’t be doing much – if any – writing during this month, because I have a bunch of other things I want to get to, and because I think it’s okay to take a writing break. After all, I just wrote fifty-thousand words in a month! I’d like to get back to mapping projects (Valocea, of course, but some other things as well), I’ve found myself actually wanting to play video games again (after months and months of just being completely uninterested in them. I guess I just needed a really massive hiatus! This month I plan to FINALLY play through Mass Effect – yes the first one, I am way behind I know), and my roommate and I really need to go some work on cleaning up our mess of an apartment. That last one, I am not looking forward to, to say the least, but eh. Has to get done. Also, with my “30 days, 30 blog posts” thing done, I’m going to get back to using this space for other things – obviously any writing developments that do occur will be documented here, but there are other things I’ve wanted to talk about as well, now that I’m not quite so focused on word counts.

So! Another year, another Nano. Back to regular life I go!

-Saito S


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