Hello there!  Thanks for visiting the blog of Saito S.  It’s a rather strange place, where ideas, opinions, half-finished maps, and the occasional pony flit around without any rhyme or reason.  It’s kind of like the Everfree Forest, only… not really, actually.

I decided to start this primarily because I simply wanted a place to consolidate some of the thoughts and ideas that would just hit me – sometimes out of nowhere, sometimes in reaction to something I learned about a real-world event or issue, and often as a side note to whatever project I’m working on.  Rather than just let these thoughts come and go, I figured I’d start putting em here.  And if others read them and get some amusement from them, so much the better!

In no particular order, here are some areas of interest/things I am a fan of (which are likely to be recurring topics here):

  • Writing (nothing published yet – hopefully that will change at some point!).  This may include some fanfiction (of the pony variety if anything), along with original stuff.
  • Sci-fi and fantasy stuff in various mediums (Star Trek, Transformers: Prime, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, are my top three show fandoms)
  • Anime
  • Technology
  • Gaming (console and PC)
  • Music of various types, the vast majority of it well outside of what would be remotely considered “mainstream” here in the US.  Lots, and I mean lots, of game music.
  • Mapping (for RPGs/fantasy worlds/etc).
  • Public Transit (some ideas to improve it, links to interesting articles, mostly just plain fanning)
  • The Valocea Project
  • Whatever else comes to mind!

So, come on in, sit for a while, have some tea, and enjoy my ramblings!

Also, I’ll note here that the amazing “Dashie snark” image used as my Gravatar was made by MrLolcats17 over at DeviantArt.  Very nice work!


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