The Valocea Project is a large-scale geofiction project that I’ve been developing for the last few years. It entails the creation of an entirely fictional country, but one that theoretically could be real, called Valocea. It occupies a large island and surrounding smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia, as well as the US states of Washington and Oregon. The information is presented in a generally “current” time-frame, i.e. everything is described from a modern-day, real-world perspective. While the project encompasses the creation of many different aspects of the country to varying degrees, it has its roots in the idea of creating a fictional transit system. That plus the fact that I am a huge transit geek means that public transportation – from city buses to national intercity rail – will generally receive a lot of attention.

This page contains links to all of the information that I’ve put up about Valocea.

-The latest map, with many new cities and other elements. Published on 10/15/14 as part of this post, which details those changes and also contains new information on Valocea’s national rail operations.

Post on 4/10/14 – Information on V-Net, the country’s national rail operator.

Post on 4/13/14 – Information on some of the inspiration I draw from, on the thread at CPTDB that started this whole thing, and a detailed overview of what Lennvale is like, physically/architecturally.

-The Original “Valocea Project Overview” posts – it should be noted that a fair amount of the information in the first three of these is defunct. I’ve been working on this whole project on-and-off since I originally put up the first of those posts (which was a year ago), and there have been a number of changes. The plan is to edit those posts to reflect all the changes, something that I simply haven’t gotten around to yet (but hope to soon!):

  • Valocea Project – part 1: Introduction and overview (physical data, government, economy, culture, realism)
  • Valocea Project – part 2: Overview of public transit concepts – section A (introduction, high-speed/intercity/regional/commuter rail, V-Net, practices & policies)
  • Valocea Project – part 3: Overview of public transit concepts – section B (SATA/Lennvale transit overview, stations and ridership, transit core, modes of service, realism and idealism of the project as it relates to transit)
  • Valocea Project – part 4: History of the project

-Older CC3 Maps – made using Campaign Cartographer 3 with the “Modern Political” style-pack add-on.

  • 4/13/14: Link to the full size (6000 x 3715) map, which was originally published as part of this post.
  • 8/24/13: Link to the full size (4847 x 3000) map, which was originally published as part of this post.
  • 5/12/13: Link to the full size (6000 x 3715) map. This map was published as part of this post.

-Gimp Maps – these are out of date now compared to the CC3 maps and are only here for reference and to show how Valocea evolved overtime:

  • 4/10/13: Last version made in Gimp – shapes and locations of visible islands and regions finalized; some regions named; some major rivers/lakes and mountain ranges shown; a few city locations.  Map was published as part of this post.
  • 3/15/13: Older Version (Gimp)

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